The Undeserving – Something To Hope For chords

So this is mainly a piano song, but I guess it might work with just a guitar

Em F G Am Em F Gsus G

AmDo you remember
Fwhen life was an ember
Em Gsus Gwaiting to burst into flames
Am FAre you so tired, and so uninspired
Em Gsus Gslowly drifting to the end?
Em F G AmDon't let your heart keep breaking
Em F G Gsus GMove on, please don't look back
F C GWe fall down, we get up
Am GWe try to hold our head up
F C Gsus G when life pulls us apart
F C GAnd We fight and we bleed
Am G F C G Am G FBut all we ever need is something to hope for
C GSomething to hope for
Am FWhatever we can see, whoever we should be
Em Gsus Gis well within our reach
AmThough nothing is certain
Fwe pull back the curtain
E/C Gsus Glonging for purpose there
Pre Chorus Chorus Am B/G C Dm C
Am We bend, we may break,
B/Gbut we keep it together
CWe give and we take
Dmbut we keep trying
Em F G Am Em F Gsus G Chorus Outro
F C G Am G FSomething to hope for
C G CSomething to hope for
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