The United States Of America – Hard Coming Love chords

A great song by this unfairly unknown band. The first verse was written by the band's 
leader, Joe Byrd and the rest of the song was written by their amazing lead vocalist, 
Dorothy Moskowitz. She also does a hell of a job singing it.

C FLove don't come easy, babe,
C FGot to be slow.
C F CSimple to talk about love,
FBut I want to know
GAll the things you're thinking
FWhen the colored lights are blinking
G FAnd your head starts slowly sinking down,
CCause it's hard coming, love
F G-G-G-FHard coming, love
Ccoming love
C FSomething about you, babe,
C FTurning me round,
C FSo if you want me, babe,
C FYou can't put me down.
GWhen you say you need me,
FAnd no other one can please me
G FThere's that whole thing coming on where you belong.
COh it's hard coming, love,
F G-G-G-FHard coming, love
Ccoming love.
C FIf you're uncertain, babe
C FDon't turn it aside
C FSave it for this time, now.
C FYou can't run and hide.
GTell me all the ones you're riding
FRound with all the time you're hiding
G FDown beneath the cover of your blind,
CCause it's hard coming love
F G-G-G-FHard coming love
Ccoming, love.
Chord by COTH
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