The Vaccines – Wreckin Bar Ra Ra Ra chords

This is a great tune and I've just worked out how to play it with the different tuning. 
I haven't done the solo bit though.

I play this with all strings tuned down by 1/2 step (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) so my guitar is 
playing an E flat when I play an E chord.
In my tab below the notes I'm playing are shown as 'Eb(E)' so the brackets show the shape I play with my guitar tuned down half a step,
so the intro is an Eb but I play it as a normal E chord on my guitar when tuned down. Intro: Eb(E) (distorted) 4 bars
Eb(E)Pretty girl, wrecking' bar
Fm(F#m) Gm(G#m) Eb(E)Ra ra ra ra yeah you are
Eb(E)Growing up, I'm twice the man
F(F#m) G(G#m) Eb(E)Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I am
Ab(A)The angel's game, F Scott Fitzgerald
Eb(E)The evening news and the morning herald
Ab(A)I know they're not from very far
Bb(B)But those girls do nothing for me
Eb(E)Where you been? You can't say?
F(F#m) G(G#m) Eb(E)Hey hey hey hey yeah you may
Eb(E)That might seem a bit below
F(F#m) G(G#m) Eb(E)No no no it's funny though
Ab(A)Let's go home, I think we oughtta
Eb(E)I know you're your mother's daughter
Ab(A)Well brought up and royal blue
Bb(B)But I haven't got the time for you
(Solo: Same as the verses (E E F# G# E) x2)
Ab(A)Finger pointing, pre supposing
Eb(E)Watch out man the doors are closing
Ab(A)This is what you get when you turn your back
Bb(B)A clear blue sky turning dirty black
Outro: Eb(E) x4
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