The Various Assortments - Sweet Lisa tab

Sweet Lisa running down the alleyway
Bb               G
left her husband stranded on the motorway
took the cheque book, left him with the bills to pay
Bb                 G
says she'll send a postcard home by Saturday

A            C                    D
Sweet Lisa - it's so nice to meet ya
A            C                   D
Sweet Lisa - supermarket sweeper

crossed the bridge and then she finally got away
ain't gonna make it into work today
accomodating now she's got a place to stay
don't mind cos she'll just take it anyway

Sweet Lisa - no one tried to teach her
Sweet Lisa - high on carpet cleaner

she's got a new friend, doesn't treat her anyway
sold him down the markey for a clean shtray
all the dealers crawling in the alleyway
don't mind whichever way she wants to pay and pay

(oh while you're down there, they say)
oh Sweet Lisa - stick this in the meter
Sweet Lisa - fifty pence pizza

her teeth are made of pure amphetamine
she built a home with rock cocaine and nicotine
now she's shooting up on nitro-glycerine
washed with soap just to make it fluff up nice and clean

Sweet Lisa - no one ever beat her
Sweet Lisa - Kings Cross to Ibiza

Sweet Lisa's got no credit on her phone
she sold her car for a ten pound bag of silicone
Sweet Lisa says she feels ninteen again
like the Duke Of York, she had ten thousand men
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