The Veronicas – Someone Wake Me Up tab

The Veronicas
Someone Wake Me Up
Hook Me Up
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Another sexual song from the hot Australian twins Jessica and Lisa!!!

Key: G

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used: for Drop D
G -    555xxx
D -    000xxx
Em -   222xxx
C -    x355xx
Bm -   x244xx
A/C# - x476xx
Am -   777xxx or x022xx

Chords used: for Standard EADGBe
G -    320033
D -    xx0232
Em -   022000
C -    x32010
Bm -   x24432
A/C# - x476xx
Am -   x02210

Intro: G-Em-D-C

Guitar 2: G Em D Ce|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|B|-3-3-3-1-1-1-0-0-0-|-3-3-3-1-1-1-0-0-0-|-------0-0-0-------|-------------------|G|-------------------|-------------------|-2-2-2-------0-0-0-|-------------------|D|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|-0-0-0-------------|A|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|-------3-3-3-2-2-2-|D|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|
Verse 1: G we got the same friends Em we're gonna have to see each other eventually D so won't you tell me how C we're gonna deal with that G my cds are at your place Em and you know i'm gonna have to pick them up D so won't you tell me how C we're gonna deal with that Refrain 1: Em even though it was Bm mutual it still kills inside A/C# cos for so long C how i've been defined Chorus: G it feels just like i'm going crazy D i guess that this is breaking up Em D and now not even you can save me C will someone wake me up never G thought that we'd go under Am i guess we won't be making love Bm and if this is a dream i wonder C could someone wake me up Verse 2: G i still have your old shirt Em you know the one i said i'd thrown away D i put it on when i C went to bed last night Refrain 2: Em baby is this where our story ends Bm when i turn out the light A/C# C fantasy and reality fight (Repeat Chorus) Post Chorus: G D Em D C someone wake me up (Repeat) Bridge: Em even though it's over now Bm it still kills inside A/C# cos for so long you C have been my life (Repeat Chorus) Outro: G D oh, baby you were Em my first time I will always D C keep you inside G Am Bm C someone wake me up
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