The Veronicas – Mother Mother tab

The Veronicas
Mother Mother
The Secret Life Of
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Key: A

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used: for Drop D
A -   777xxx
G# -  666xxx
G -   555xxx
F#m - 444xxx
D -   000xxx
C -   x355xx
B -   x244xx
E -   222xxx

Chords used: for Standard EADGBe
A -   x02220
G# -  466555
G -   320033
F#m - 244222
D -   xx0232
C -   x32010
B -   x244xx
E -   022100

Verse 1:
  Mother Mother
  Can you hear me
  I'm just calling
   F#m      G-G#
to say hello
  How's the weather
  How's my father
  Am I lonely
F#m         G-G#
heavens know
  Mother mother
  Are you listening
  Just a phone call
   F#m           G-G#
to ease your mind
  Life is perfect
  Never better
  Distance making the
heart grow blind

Chorus 1:
         E              D       C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-D
When you sent me off to see the world E D C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-D
Were you scared that I might get hurt E D C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-D
Would I try a little tobacco E D C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-DWould I keep on hiking up my skirt
Post Chorus: Jessica's flirty sexy orgasmic rock and roll voice!!! A(hold) I'm hungry A(hold) I'm dirty A(hold) A I'm losing my mind F#m(Distortion) Everything's fine A(hold) I'm freezing A(hold) I'm starving A(hold) I'm bleeding to death F#m(Distortion) Everything's fine Verse 2: A Yeah I'm working G# Making money G I'm just starting F#m G-G# to build a name A I can feel it G# Around the corner G I could make it F#m G-G# any day A Mother mother G# Can you hear me G Yeah I'm sober F#m G-G# sure I'm sane A Life is perfect G# Never better G Still your daughter F#m still the same Chorus 2: E D C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-D
If I tell you what you want to hear E D C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-D
Will it help you to sleep well at night E D C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-D
Are you sure that I'm your perfect dear E D C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-DNow just cuddle up and sleep tight
(Repeat Post Chorus) Outro: A(hold) A(hold) A(hold) I miss you I love you
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