The Veronicas - All I Have chords

Capo on 3rd

Intro: Em-Am--C x2

Verse 1:
Em Am I was missing you
CYou were miles away
Em Am He was close to me
CI let him stay
Em Am Then I closed my eyes
CHe almost felt the same
Em Am But when the morning broke
CI cried out your name
Em Am If I'd only known
CIt would break us
Em Am I'd have done anything
Cjust to save us
Am C Em Cause you're all I have
GWhen the world comes down on me
Am C Em You're the one I love
GAnd I'm begging you to see
Am You're all, you're all
C you're all I have
Em You are, you are
G the one I love
Am You are, you are
C you're all I have
(Repeat Intro) Verse 2:
Em Am You've forgiven me
CBut it doesn't change
Em The guilt I feel when
Am Cyou mention his name
Em Am No more innocence
CHow to trust again
Em Wanna believe that
Am Cyou won't do the same
Em Am And every time we fight
CWe're getting closer
Em Am I slowly die inside
CI'm scared it's over
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
C D Em Your love for me was always there
GMaybe too much for me to care
C D G/B Now that I know I messed it up
Em-Am-C x4I'd give my all to take it back
(Repeat Chorus)
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