The Violet Burning - Forty Weight tab

Forty Weight
By Michael Pritzl (The Violet Burning)
Tabbed by: Kirby 123

     Intro: E-B-A-C#m

Oh God be merciful to me
Lift me from the earth and cover me (2X)
  E          A
Cover me (2X)

E                     A
   I wait for you (2X)

Lord my cup is empty  (I wait for You)
Won't You come now and fill me up (2X)

     Chorus 2:
E                   B
Oh my Lord I love Your ways
  A                   C#m
I lift my heart I sing Your praise (2X)

E                     B                        A               C#m
Your love is forever and your mercies are forever
                   E                       B
Your love is higher than the heavens
            A                  C#m
I reach up, I reach up
  E                      B
I wait for you to hear me 
                 A                              C#m
Won't You come just a little bit closer
                     E                      B
Your love is deeper than the oceans
         A                 C#m
I go down, I still breathe
And wait for you to fill me up, fill me up
Won't you come now and fill me up

     Last portion (Breakdown?):
Come just a little bit closer (I will wait for you)
Come just a little bit closer

That's it, but here are also the chords: E: A: B: C#m:e|---0------------0-------------0------------0-------------------------------|B|---0------------0-------------0------------0-------------------------------|G|---9------------9-------------9------------9-------------------------------|D|---9------------9-------------9------------9-------------------------------|A|---7------------0----------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------7------------9-------------------------------|
In other words, just mute the 5th string for B and C#m (easy for some [like me], hard for others) NOTE: please rate. is the band website
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