The Wanderer - I Wont Come Around chords

The Wanderer is a rock band from Tampa Florida. They are giving their EP away for 
free at so, listen to it for the strum patterns.

Intro + Verse: Am C Em G (picked)

I lit a match to watch all burn down
Smoke debris and rubble all around
I saw the fire and I saw that it burned quick
It didn't matter much to me, not one bit


Bridge: Am C Em G (strummed)

FWhat have you got to lose?
Am GYou should have seen this coming
FThis isn't at all good news
Am GBrace yourself for this honey
FThe fire that you say
AmBurned our love to the ground
EmDidn't so you say
E7That I won't come around
Bridge Verse (Same as first) When I think back to what I've done to this place I have sinned and you know it, you see it on my face I know I was wrong but I did what I had to do I couldn't take much more of this burden from you Chorus You get the idea.
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