The Wanted – All Time Low chords

			     ALL TIME LOW - The Wanted

Tabbed by: Alex Miller

Tuning: Standard

Chords used; Emaj7, B, G#m, E, F#

Rough estimation of string intro

e|--------|----------|----------|--------------| B|--------|----------|----------|--------------|G|-8------|---8------|---8------|------8-------|D|-9--9-9-|---9--9-9-|---9--9-9-|---11----11-9-|A|--------|----------|----------|--------------|E|-7--7-7-|-7-7--7-7-|-7-7--7-7-|-7-7--7--7--7-|
Alternatively the underlying chords could be played instead of this string part. The chords are:
e|---| e|-7-|B|---| B|-7-|G|-8-| G|-8-|D|-9-| D|-9-|A|-7-| A|-9-|E|---| E|-7-|
Emaj7 B Lyrics
Emaj7Praying won't do it
Hating won't do it Drinking won't do it
BFighting won't knock you out
Of my head
Emaj7Hiding won't hide it
Smiling won't hide it Like I ain't tried it
BEveryone's tried it now
And failed somehow
ESo when you gonna let me
F#When you gonna let me out - Out
G#mAnd if you know
EHow do you get up from an all time low
I'm in pieces
BSeems like peace is
F#The only thing I'll never know
How do you get up Get up Verse
G#mCos driving won't do it
Flying won't do it
EDenying won't do it
B Crying won't drown it out
F#What you said
G#mWhen I'm standing on the yellow line
Waiting at the station
EOr I'm late for work
A vital presentation
BIf you call me now girl
Without reservation
F#I would try to break through
G#mBut if you know
EHow do you get up from an all time low
I'm in pieces
BIt seems like peace is
F#The only thing I never know
G#mHow do you get up from an all time low
EI can't even find a place to start
BHow do I choose between my head and heart
F#Till it ceases I never know
G#mHow do you get up from an all time low
(Repeat the exact same chord pattern for the rest of the song) A low, (repeat) Can you hear me A low (repeat) Can't you hear me And if you know Repeat chorus Alternatively a capo could be used at second fret making the chords; Emaj7 = Dmaj7 E = D B = A G#m = F#m F# = A
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