The Wanted – Last To Know chords ver. 2

Hey guys it's Iheartyou95 and here's the chords to "Last to know" By The Wanted

The Wanted - Last to Know
Capo 1
Bm  A  G
BmWords tavel fast,
A Em DSo you spend all your time in your head.
AWhat’s the point in that?
BmCause words never last.
A Em DWhat you say now is not what you say
AAnd I’m okay with that.
Em BmYou’re keeping yourself tied up, So you won’t let me down.
Em GDidn’t you ever think just maybe?’
D AI’ll understand you, just give me the chance to.
Bm Love you more that you’ll ever know
GEven if it mean I gotta let you go.
D AWith or without me, you should be happy.
BmIf you’re headin’ down another road,
GDon’t you leave me with nowhere to go.
D ADon’t let me be the last to know. Yeah,
Bm GDon’t let me be the last to know.
BmYou take all I have,
A Em DStill I thought, you would have empty glass.
AWhat’s the point in that
BmAnd all I ever asked,
A Em DIs that you tell me when it’s not enough
ACause if it’s real love
A EmMaybe you’ll find what you really wanted
Em BmIt’s what you left behind
A EmAll your dreams are haunted
Em BmMaybe I’ll move on
Am EmOr maybe I’ll just stay
GEither way,
DI hope you understand me,
AIf I say we can’t be
BmSo if you wanna go,
BI want you to know,
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