The Weepies – Hide Away chords

Tabbed by >>>Saggamawuat<<<


x - muted string (put finger lightly on string)
- - not strummed string (yeah sry for my bead english, im german :P)

I recommend to play the song with capo on 3rd fret, cause its easier to sing and play, 
higher you go the less distance you will get between the frets :) feel free to play with 
without and to put it where you like to.

(the original is without capo and tuned down guitar, so you got all strings
one semitone lower)


Verse 1: (the whole verse is on G) G (3x00--) Take the sky For example A canvas of a billion suns But our local hero Shines them out by day Save for the winking of a Venus or Mars Chorus:
C (-3x033)Even the skies sometimes fade to gray
G (3x0033)even the stars hideaway
[Play intro] Verse 2: I see the bare moon Raise his big bald head I see my friends play the fool I'll make my own way In the wide world Just know I don't want to wander too far Play chorus 2x Bridge: G7 (3x0031) C (-32010)
G7 C Some call me all kinds of names
G7 C Some Say I dont play the right kind of game
am (-02213) C DI try to be honest, I try to be kind
am Cand honestly leave when i know that its time
DI know that its time
Verse 3: Hear a phoebe sing his only song The summer's day is hovering I'll write my full heart Troubles fly like embers Out the windows of our traveling car Chorus x3 Intro twice have fun :) if anyone likes to listen to my version of the song, its here:
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