The Wilderness Of Manitoba – November tab

Artist: The Wilderness of Manitoba
Song:   November
Album:  When You Left The Fire (2010)

Based on lemurjim's chords I have attempted to figure out the picking 
pattern for this wistful Simon and Garfunklesque song.  The pattern below 
may not be 100% correct and, as usual with such folky tunes, there are 
variations to be heard within the song, but this seems to get the general 
feel right.  I am least confident about the pattern on the G chord, since it 
is hard to hear the bass notes in the recording.

In this tab, the spacing of notes does represent the timing and ---- 
represents one beat in the bar.  I have indicated how I play it with 
downstrokes and upstrokes for the Dm chord and the pattern is the same for 
all the other chords

Let ring throughout

Dme|--------------1-|----------------|B|----------------|------3---------|G|----2-------2---|----2-------2---|D|0---------0-----|--0-------0---0-|A|----------------|----------------|E|----------------|----------------| d d d d u d d u d u d
As a variation, I sometimes play the top three strings on the second beat of the first bar of each chord. This is not done in the recording, but it beefs things up a little when you are singing it alone without the harmonies. For example:
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