The Wolfetones - On The One Road tab


We're on the [G] one road, sharing the one load
We're on the [C] road to [G] God knows [D] where 
We're on the [G] one road, it may be the [Em] wrong road 
But we're [Am] together now who [D] cares [G] 
North men, South men, [Em] comrades all [Am] 
Dublin, Belfast, [D] Cork and Donegal 
We're on the [G] one road swinging [Em] along, 
Singing a [Am] sol[D]dier's [G] song  

[Em] Though we've had our troubles now and then 
[G] Now is the time to make them up again 
[Em] Sure aren't we all Irish anyhow [
Am] Now is the time to step [D] together now
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