The Wonder Stuff - A Great Drinker tab

The Wonder Stuff - 'a Great Drinker' off 'Construction for the Modern Moron'

    C#6   F#7    A7   Ad7   E7

INTRO C#6 x 8 F#7 x 8 A7 x 4 Ad7 x 4 C#6 x 4 C#6 There's sweat on my finger tips I got a bellyful of beer shits F#7 My head is too close to the wall A7 There's blood in my underwear Ad7 Don't know how I got it there C#6 Swear I'd bust open my head should I fall A7 Ad7 C#6 x 4 STOP Oh yeah C#6 I know weaker personalities Cos they're sitting round my house with me F#7 I got an ever loving wife of a sort A7 Got a bottle for good company Ad7 A great drinker and his love could be C#6 Of all the stupid things I been told A7 Ad7 C#6 STOP They took my car ---------------------------------------------- E/E7 Don't stick it where it don't belong Don't mend what aint broken A7 F#7 It's not because I'm strung out on the sauce E/E7 I'm still picking up the pieces Of a world that still increasingly A7 F#7 C#6 x 4 STOP Likes to know my business what is yours? ------------------------------------------------ C#6 There's hate where my liver sits I got cigarettes to pull to bits F#7 I don't think too much that's bad for my soul A7 I've got a bottle and a half to go Ad7 Don't ask me where cos I don't know C#6 At all A7 Ad7 C#6 x 4 STOP One for the road E/E7 Don't stick it where it don't belong etc.. ************************************************************************ There's another bit about "if all the world could wait and see the last drink's gonna be me" but I don't know that part cos I'm shit.
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