The Wonder Years - I Was Scared And Im Sorry chords

The Wonder Years
I Was Scared and I'm Sorry (Acoustic)
The Upsides B Side
Mike G

Intro: e--------------------------------------------|B---xx97xxxxx97xx----------------------------|G---9999989999998-6--------------------------|D---9999999999999-9(X16)---------------------|A---7777777777777-7--------------------------|E--------------------------------------------|
E Emaj7 C# BI've been obviously on the verge of a mental breakdown this week
A B C# AStuck between your dirty sheets and back-lit memories
E Emaj7 C# BAnd I've been putting off things like getting my shit out of your apartment
A B C# AI've been making up excuses about the things that you might need
A/D B C# E And I've been trying to find out where everyone's been
A/D B C# EBut they're nowhere and I'm nothing
A/D B C# EAnd I've been trying to stay as busy as I can
E Emaj7 C# BI finally broke on Christmas Eve
A B C# AIn an Outback Steakhouse bathroom while my family ordered for me
E Emaj7 C# BHaven't been losing sleep, no I pass out almost instantly
A BThe bad dreams get worse every week
C# A BI think I'm losing a little of me
A/D B C#I'm getting better, but it's in small steps
A BI'm working on sleeping on the left
A/D C# BI just can't blame New York for this
A/D B C#And so I'm down again, but this time it's different
A BI'm mourning something that I miss
A/D C# BAnd that's better than being hopeless
E Emaj7 C# B A A/D e--------------------------------0---------|B-----------(5)------------------0---------|G---9----8---6--4----8-----6-----2---------|D---9----9---6--4-or-9-----7-----2---------|A---7----6---4--2----9-----7-----0---------|E--------------------7-----5-----x---------|
Play around with open and barre chords to get the right sound depending on verse/pre-chorus/chorus
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