The Wood Brothers - Luckiest Man chords version 4

Here is the song based on watching Oliver.

Capo 1st frest
Intro: c#m, g#, a5, a6, E, Esus4

my whole starday, and sunday too
c#m        g#      a5         E Esus4

I was thinking about ways not to lose
c#m     g#            a5         E Esus4

    well lay down my weapons is what i've done
c#m g#m a5 E Esus4no place to hide, feet too soft to run
c#m g#m a5 E Esus4 well people say im the luckiest man
a5 F#dim F#m (not sure here)and yeah they say
running is useless and fighting is foolish
a5 e a5 e your not gonna win but still your luckiest maaaan, you're the luckiest man
a5 e a5-a6 e esus4 That's it repeated over and over. Hitting that a6 and esus4 really make the sound like the wood brothers.
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