The Wooden Sky – Child Of The Valley chords

I couldn't find the lyrics online so I had to guess them. I can't guarantee
the lyrics but the chords should be good. Enjoy!

Capo 4

Intro: Em

Verse 1:

Em GThey came all the way from Tennessee
Am cAnd I know how you'd hate to let them down
Em GBut I'd been thinking 'bout the times his hands deceived us
Am cAnd wondering why you ever stuck around
Em GYou were born a fair hair child of the valley.
Am CThough at times felt you were tethered to the ground
GYou're not a stone
Am C EmYou're not a stone
Verse 2:
Em GI came to know the names of all my neighbours
Am CMade a home in a valley of my heart
Em GAnd I took a night the audience with strangers
Am CThough not one could ever calm me down
GAnd I felt alone
Am C And I felt alone
GJust flesh and bone
Am CJust flesh and bone
Break: Em - G - C - G x4 Verse 3:
Em GAnd I came home to find you at my table
Am CSaid the worries that had plagued you now were few
Em GAnd I'd been wondering if I had the strength to face it
Am CSon If I've found mercy surely you can too
GBut you're not a stone
Am CYou're not a stone
GJust flesh and bone
Am CJust flesh and bone
Verse 4:
Em GNow you hold the hand of one who named you
Am CTurn to me and said you must make these words your own
Break: Em - G - C - G repeat till finish
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