The Working Title - The Crash chords

G A D A Bm7 F# [Verse 1]
Esus D A CSomeone came in through the door alone
Esus D C#mDropped their bags revealed a shotgun
Esus D A CStarted shooting everyone in sight
Esus D AOh my God I'm going to die alone
G Bm7 AFeel love gripping you, gripping you
G Bm7 AFeel love racing through your body
Bm7 F#So we can run through
G ASo we can run
Bm7 F#So we can run through
G AAnd work on falling in love
G A D A Bm7 F# [Verse 2] (Same as verse 1) While his plane is crashing down below Towards the people in the city In their cars and on their boats he knows They will never know the loss of time and control [Chorus] [Bridge] (Same as pre-chorus) There's so much beauty Outside and on my bathroom floor She's covered in blanket Everybody wants to see God So clear and with their own two eyes Oh I feel alone [Chorus]
G A D A Bm7 F#This is the turning point; no one is turning back
G A D AI know my favorite part...
Bm7 F# Bm7 I know I'm not just here to die
_________________________________________________________________________________________________ The F#'s can be replaced by the chord D/F# its sounds just as good, if not better.
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