The Xx - Crystalised tab version 6

I'm not too sure about the rest, but i know for the chords its;

e|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------|D|---14------------9-9-9------7------------------------|A|---14-17 times*----9-9-9------7----------------------|E|---12------------7-7--7-----5------------------------|
*do this 17/14 times i tried to count but i'm not sure
e|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------|D|---14------------9-9-9-----11-11---------------------|A|---14-17 times*----9-9-9-----11-11-------------------|E|---12------------7-7--7-----9--9---------------------|
keep on playing this throughout the song, and try to work out the spacing, if you don't get it :) this is only the chords, i haven't worked out the tab for the lead yet ;)
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