The Yards - Only Myself To Blame tab


(Fronted by Chris Helme - ex Seahorses singer)

I think this is right, it may differ to the actual song slightly but it's good 
nough to have a jam with yourself.

E                  Bm         E
You and I have got so much to learn
E                 Bm              E
And besides, Iíve eaten all these words
E                   Bm                 G      A
Tell a lie and Iíll tell you what itís woooooorth

E                   Bm                  E
I canít believe the things I some times say
E                  Bm                E
Thereís a trail of destruction in my wake 
E                       Bm                G     A
Is there a limit to the shit that you can taaaaaake?


E      Bm            E
Only myself to blame
E          Bm         E
Wonít be a fool again 
E          Bm
Hanging my head in shame
          D       Dsus2 E
As youíre holding up my sky

E                Bm           E
You and I should never let it go
E                        Bm              E
We get it together and I let my feelings show
E                   Bm              G     A
Youíre so high Iím somewhere down beloooooow


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