Thea Gilmore - The Lower Road chords

The Lower Road
Thea Gilmore
(Recorded Delivery - 2009)

Capo +2

Picking Pattern:

G C C/B Am D7 e|---------------------------------------------------------|B|---3-3--------1-1--------1-1--------1-1--------3-3-------|G|--0-0-0------0-0-0------0-0-0------2-2-2------2-2-2------|D|---------------------------------------------0-----------|A|------------3----------2----------0----------------------|E|-3-------------------------------------------------------|
(repeat chord pattern until chord changes) Intro: G C (2x)
G CCut me down, bury this rosary
G CSomewhere out of town, somewhere out by the sea
G C And take this ring, and give it to Emily
G CTell her I'm peaceful now, Tell her I've been released
C/B Am D7I will be rolling on, I will be rolling on
G CWell I know that drill, I know it all too well
G CIt starts like a lonely voice, and it shifts to a tolling bell
G CLike rain on the dusty ground, small bones in the driest well
G CThe spark breeds a fiery tongue, and the tongues kiss the cheek of Hell
C/B Am D7 And I will be rolling on, I will be rolling on
Am D7I've had my part to play, and now I'm going home
Interlude: G C (2x)
G CThere's no telling which way, boys, this thing is going to take hold
G CFrom the fruit on a poplar tree, to the bruise round a band of gold
G CFrom the blood in a far country, to the war of just growing old
G CWe travel a lower road, and it's lonely and it is cold
C/B Am D7But we will be rolling on, we will be rolling on
Am D7We've had our part to play, now we are going home
Am D7We will keep rolling on, we will keep rolling on
Am D7 G C'Cos for every midnight hour, there's always a rising sun
G COoooooooooooooh, Ooooooooooooooh (4x)
(Fade out)
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