Theatre Of Tragedy - Cheerful Dirge tab

Tab to Cheerful Dirge 
by Theatre of Tragedy
taken from the album Theatre of Tragedy
transcribed by Roland de Graauw
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Normal Tuning

Vocals refer to the riffs above...
NOTE: I did this on my bass; on a guitar you might want to play
power chords on some parts (instead of just the root)... 

RiffAe [--------------------------------------] Play 9x, vocals come B [--------------------------------------] in 8th time G [--------------------------------------] (if I can count) D [--------------------------------------]A [------------------6~--5--6--8~--6--5--]E [--5~~---6~--5--6----------------*-----] * 2nd guitar comes in playing the same line
RiffB e [-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|B [-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|G [-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|D [-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A [-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E [-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-|-6-6-6-6-6-6-5-5-|-5-5-5-5-6-6-5-5-|
e -----------------]B -----------------] (I might be off a little somewhere in this G -----------------] riff, because of the heavy distortion)D -----------------] A -----------------] E -6-6-6-6-8-8-6-6-]
"Ire of yore- bard of e'eryears- I deem the brood hath wan'd- for e'ermore?!" Play riffA 4x
RiffCe [------------------|------------------]B [------------------|------------------] Play 4xG [------------------|------------------]D [------------------|------------------]A [----------5~------|----------5~------]E [--6-6--5-------5~-|--6-6--5-------5~-]
"Feathers of Swans in my pillow- I cede my heart. Make haste! - I pray- respond my plea!" -"Lo! - a sire of great awe- a knight of many battles!" "And of kinsmen weeping for the slain! * On the next part just play A on the given moments(=*)... (* refers to text below) E --5-- = A (or powerchord A on guitar) * * * * * "Please! - heed my words; In thy sorrow I will kiss thy tears- * * * * * In thy bliss I will take thee by thy hand (riffE)- The sapor of * * * * * * grapes thou shalt savor- And harken the nightingale sing oh so * blithely!"
RiffEe [--------------------------------------]B [--------------------------------------]G [--------------------------------------]D [--------------------------------------]A [--------------6----------------6-5----]E [--5--6-5--6--------5--6-5--6-------6--]
* * * - On his knees... A plea to harvest roses; No need for the thorns * * yon count! Wherefore vow me? Wherefore this guilded proffer? * * * Wherefore not pay court to a maid more fair? - Morn of joyous day! * * * * Hower 'twixt weed! Fertile desert! Cheerful dirge! Misery me not! * * * - man nor beast; envy me; Lest 'tis an act of wont! (RiffG)
RiffGe [--------------------------] This riff serves as a bridge to B [--------------------------] riffA. The timing sounds strange G [--------------------------] on this riff, so a marked it inD [--------------------------] the text below...A [--------------6--8--6--5--]E [--5--6--5--6--------------]
+ + + + + + + + # Many are the drapes that my past bury - (+ notes of riffG; # first note of riffA)
play riffA 3x play riffC 4x end with fill:e [---------------]B [---------------]G [---------------]D [---------------]A [----------5~~--]E [--6-6--5-------]
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