Them Crooked Vultures - Interlude With Ludes tab

Them Crooked Vultures
Interludes with Ludes
This song was written by: Josh Homme, John Paul Jones, and Dave Grohl

that part at the end. sorry if this isn't very helpful.
But this is the only guitar part that stands out to me during the song.
besides the ringing out notes before and after this part.

main lick fill 1 fill 2 fill 3e|-------------- ---------------- -------------- ----------------|b|-------6-8-6-- ---------------- ---7/12~-15--- ----------------|g|-----7------7~ ---7---5---4---2 -------------- --7--5--4--2----|d|--578--------- -9---7---5---3-- -------------- -9--7--5--3-----|a|-------------- ---------------- -------------- ----------------|e|-------------- ---------------- -------------- ----------------|
fill 4e|----------| fill 1 and fill 3 are similar, listen to the songb|--7/12~---| to pick out the differenceg|--7/12~---|d|----------|a|----------|e|----------|
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