Them - I Can Only Give You Everything tab

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Heretical as it may seem, I wouldn't trade this demented punker (from
_Them Again_) for all of _Astral Weeks_.  Covered by countless garage
bands (including the fledgling MC5 - beat *that* for punk credentials)
although the version I heard most often as a beat-crazed teen was by
the Bram Rigg Set.  Killer fuzz guitar riff so simple anyone can play
it - which of course was the entire idea.  -- AWR

                    "I Can Only Give You Everything"
                             (Van Morrison)


	(fuzz guitar [4X; bass and drums enter 3rd time]):

(G) (C) (F) v v v v -----------------| -----------------| -----------------| -------------3---| ---------3-------| -3-----3---------|
Verse 1: G C F G C F G C F G C F [continue] I can't give you more than what I've got You can't expect to get what I have not I... can only give you lovin' 'til the sun goes down And... until the leaves of summer turn to shades of brown C D I try and I try C D [N.C.] But baby, you know that I G C F G C F Can only give you everything Verse 2 (organ enters): Why can't I get you to understand 'Cause after all I am just a man You... are on my mind when stars appear and shadows fall And... when every little flower blooms and bluebirds call I try and I try But baby, you know that I Can only give you everything Instrumental break: (organ solo over intro riff, 7X) G Eb / / / / (key changes to Ab) Verse 3: Ab Db Gb Ab Db Gb Ab Db Gb Ab Db Gb [continue] I'll do anything you want me to do 'Cause I don't want to know this life without you Oh... don't ever go and leave me in this world alone I'd... be like a little child if I was on my own Db Eb I try and I try Db Eb [N.C.] But baby, you know that I Ab Db Gb Ab Db Gb Can only give you everything Coda: (rant over Ab Db Gb chord progression): Everything, baby A little bit of this A little bit of that Everything, oh... -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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