Theory Of A Deadman – Not Meant To Be tab

As of now This has to be my favorite song off Scars and Souvenirs, which I definitely 
Songwriting is decent, but Tyler Connolly's voice is absolutely incredible. The music is 
stock, but it's at least worth checking out.

The song is tuned down 1/2 step. I'm listing the chords without the strumming pattern 
I don't particularly enjoy listing the same thing over and over and it shouldn't be too 
to figure out. The song is fairly straightforward. Enjoy!

1st Lead Guitar:e-----------------|------|B-----------------|------|G-----7-6----6-4--|--4/6-|D--/9------7------|------|A-----------------|------|E-----------------|------|Repeat 3X and then:
2nd Lead Guitar: (@ 0:07)e--------------------|B-----7-5----5-3-3/5-|G--/7------6---------|D--------------------|A--------------------|E--------------------|
Pre-Chorus: (@ 0:40)e----0----3--|B----3----3--|G----0----0--|D----2----0--|A----2----2--|E----0----3--|
Chorus:e----0----0----0----3--|B----3----2----3----3--|G----2----2----0----0--|D----0----2----2----0--|A----0----0----2----2--|E--------------0----3--|Repeat 2X
Small Lead part in the background (same as the 2nd lead guitar in intro): (@ 1:41)e-----------------|B-----7-5----5-3--|G--/7------6------|D-----------------|A-----------------|E-----------------|Repeat 4X
Bridge: (@ 2:28)e----0----0----|--3--|B----2----3----|--3--|G----2----0----|--0--|D----2----2----|--0--|A----0----2----|--2--|E---------0----|--3--|Repeat 2X then:
End on: (@ 3:21)e----0----|B----3----|G----2----|D----0----|A----0----|E---------|
Lyrics: It's never enough to say I'm sorry It's never enough to say I care But I'm caught between what you wanted from me And knowin' if I give that to ya I might just disappear Nobody wins when everyone's losin' It's like one step forward and two steps back No matter what I do you're always mad And I, I can't change you're mind It's like tryin' to turn around on a one way street I can't give you what you want and it's killin' me And I, I'm starting to see Maybe we're not meant to be It's never enough to say I love you No it's never enough to say I tried It's hard to believe that there's no way out for you and me And it seems to be the story of our life There's still time to turn this around Should we be buildin' this up instead of tearin' it down But I keep thinkin' maybe it's to late Baby I'm sorry to see Maybe we're not meant to be... If you can relate to this song, I hope you continue to keep your chin up and things will fall into place. Promise! Feel free to email me at for any or comments.
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