Theory Of A Deadman - Any Other Way tab

In Love with Detail
*Any Other Way*

-- Creds to Cian who introduced me to this amazing band :D --

Tab done by: Oisin Bickley

Hey, they may be an Irish band and quite unheard of but wonderful song indeed!
The begining sounds a lot like piano work but with the live performances its easy to say 
the guitar with very little tone.


'I wouldn't talk to you, any other way..' |-------------------------------------------------| |---7----7----7----7------------------------------| |---7----7----7----7------------------------------| x3 |-9----8----7----6--------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------|
And then let these two chords ring:
'Oh what a shame..' |-------------------------------------------------| |--7---------5------------------------------------| |--7---------6------------------------------------| |--5---------4/-----------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------|
The 4 on the D slides back up 9 and the 1st part of the intro is played again Then the main riff kicks in with distortion:
That thingy keeps popping up throughout the song. It is and absolute killer riff if I do so myself. Cheers! Perhaps I'll whole song at some stage but still, its a very unheard of tune.. your Irish. :D
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