Theory Of A Deadman – Head Above Water chords

I haven't found any chords of this awesome song,so i've done it by myself. I hope, 
you'll get pleasure)

                        Theory of a Deadman - Head Above Water
G#m 466444
E   x76454
C#m x46654
Eb  x68886
F#  x98676

Verse 1
G#mDid you ever picture life like this
ENo shooting star to grant your wish
C#mAre you everything you hoped you'd be
EbOr caught somewhere in between
G#mYou dropped your nickel down a wishing well
EAnd prayed for luck to cast its spell
C#mTo bring you closer to your dreams
EbThat always seem just out of reach
EYou pray to God the moment when
C#m EbYou feel the current pull you in
G#mTry to keep your head above water
EHas never been harder
C#mEven when it feels hopeless
EbYou're gonna get through this
G#m EHead above water, gotta fight from going under
C#m F#Even when it feels useless to wish
Eb..pauseYou're gonna get through this
G#m Verse 2(like 1st) Have you ever felt like giving in Tried for hours but just can't win Tell yourself you're not good enough The struggle alone is just too much No one's there to hear you scream You gasp for air but cannot breathe Did you ever think you'd see the day When you'd watch your life get washed away Pre-chorus Chorus Solo. Play chords G#m E C#m Eb Bridge
G#m Did it ever hurt so bad
EThat the thought of feeling lost would never end
C#m F#Well you will think again
G#m EHead above water, never been harder
C#m EbTryin' to keep your head above water has never been harder
F# G#m E C#mYou're gonna get through this
F# G#m E C#mYou're gonna get through this
End with F#
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