There For Tomorrow - The Joyride tab version 3

This is my cover:, under are the tabs!

intro (2x)E ----------------------------------H----|B ---------->-11-9----------->-7-6-6-7-6-|G -6-5-----------------6-5---------------|D -----6-------------------6-------------|A ---------------------------------------|D ---------------------------------------|
text (couplet): are you going over..E ----------13---|B -11-9-11-------|G ---------------| repeating till: Just come up with me.D ---------------|A ---------------|D ---------------|
Between couplet and chorus, and during solo (with lots of reverb): (high)E -13- (15 times) -11- (8 times) -14- (8 times) Zo you first play (up and down stroke) 15 x e13 than 8 x e11 and than 8 x e14
Solo:E ---------------------|B --H------------------|G -5-6-5------H---H----| 6xD -------6---3-4-3-4---|A -------------------4-|D ---------------------|
OutroE -------------------------13-------13-------13-|B -------13-------13----14-------14-------14----|G ----13-------13----11-------11-------11-------| 4 times (last time slower)D -11-------11----------------------------------|A ----------------------------------------------|D ----------------------------------------------|
> = slide up H = hammer on
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