These Animal Men – Nowhere Faces tab

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From: "Stefan Maierhofer" 
Date:          Tue, 9 Jan 1996 17:24:48 +0000
Subject:       TAB: Nowhere Faces  by  These Animal Men

Album: "Taxi for these animal men" by These Animal Men
Song : "Nowhere Faces"

transcribed by Stefan Maierhofer  

First of all some Tabs. I transcribed the intro- and the verse-
part. The other parts are more or less played with some coords,
except some very short fills which should be very easy to figure
I hope the transcriptions are not too bad.

ANY comments, suggestions and corrections are WELCOME!!!

In the C#m F#m .. part each coord is written down just 1 time but actually it's played more than 1 time. If you know the song or listen to the record it should be no problem, actually it's just a rythm-thing.
VERSE F#m F#m A C#m Dm A C#m Dm A C#m C#me:-4--4/5--0--------4--4/5--0----------4--2--4--2--0------------|B:-5--5/6--2--------5--5/6--2----------5--2--5--2--2------------|G:-6--6/7--2--------6--6/7--2----------6--3--6--3--2--4b(6)4--2-|D:-6--6/7--2--------6--6/7--2----------6--4--6--4--2------------|A:-4--4/5--0--------4--4/5--0----------4--4--4--4--0------------|E:------------0--0------------0--4--0-----2-----2---------------|
Now here's the whole song: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Nowhere Faces INTRO VERSE I took another key today It's only for one day Building up the tension To a great roof raising question It was never a reason for lying VERSE Getting a sharpened knife for a slice of soul For hours of boredom in a graffited hole Our alternative people Make a dash for something simple It was never a question of lying Bm E A All of this news is probably obvious F#m But not to us Bm E It means that we can't lose E5 F#5 G#5 C#m A With these nowhere faces now INTRO VERSE A patient envoy sends a word Unfortunately it won't be heard For those who sit upstairs Thinking this pleasure just must be theirs It was always a question of lying All of this news is probably obvious But obviously not to us It means that we can't loose With these nowhere faces now SOLO (Keyboard) All of these news is probably obvious But it's not to us It menas that we can't loose With these nowhere faces now ------------------------------------------------------------- Info: E5, F#5, ... means Power Coords, I hope that's correct! For example: E5 means 022xxx, F#5 means 244xxx, ... ________________________________________________________ Stefan Maierhofer email: ________________________________________________________
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