These Animal Men – Speed King tab

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From: "Stefan Maierhofer" 
Date:          Sun, 21 Jan 1996 09:18:12 +0000
Subject:       TAB: Speeed King by These Animal Men

song : Speeed King
band : These Animal Men
album: (come on, join) the high society

transcribed by Stefan Maierhofer

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RIFF 1 RIFF 2e---------------|-------------------------|---------------------|B---------------|-------------------------|---------------------|G---------------|-------------------------|---------------------|D---------2-----|---------2---------------|---------------------|A-2-2-----0---2-|-2-2-----0-------0-2-0---|---------------------|E-0-0-3-4---4-3-|-0-0-3-4---4-2-0-------2-|---------------------|
Speeed King RIFF1 (DRUMS) RIFF1 (DRUMS) RIFF2 She came home again She was drunk, she's not my friend She's a groovy teenage girl She's doing alright by me C#m A F# It's alright she's slowing up RIFF2 But if you get her in a car It's a long, long ride Smashed up, buzzed out, speeding out of her mind I'm scared for my auto, I'm 22 and a quarter C#m A F# I will knock her out C#m A F# I, I breathe A She goes around and around and around and around C#m And upside down, upside down A She's my speeed king C#m A B Around and around RIFF1 (DRUMS) RIFF1 (DRUMS) RIFF2 We were sitting in a ditch Some somersaulted pitch The world and an ashtray's ash fill my mouth But now my Ford Corsair's got a three inch hood Smashed up, crushed down, mangled up for good I gotta face the other A brick filled inbred brother C#m A F# It's alright she's slowing up C#m And I, I say E C#m A B Well, it's a climb back to home an a British ruck E Mum said, "Get out" C#m A B Who cares, it's getting tough E C#m A B My speeed king's back G F# A G# My R.A.C., my enemy SOLO ________________________________________________________ Stefan Maierhofer email: ________________________________________________________
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