They Might Be Giants – See The Constellation tab

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Date: Sat, 24 Jun 1995 19:06:26 -0400

See The Constelation
by They Might Be Giants
Transcribed by Adam Lane

I think it's all power chords, but your guess is as good as mine

The Riff: Play this twiceE--------------------------|------------------------|EB--------------------------|-----------------0------|BG-----0------0---0---0-----|----0------0---0---0----|GD------0--3----2---0-------|-----0--3----2----------|DA----------------------3p2-|------------------------|AE--3-----------------------|-3----------------------|E
F/G F/G F/G F/G I lay my head_ On the railroad track_ Stare at the sky_ All painted up_ D G Your train is gone, won't be comin' back (CHORUS) D C G - C A See the constellation, ride across the sky G D C A G D C G No cigar no lady on his arm, just a guy made of dots and lines G D C G Just a guy made of dots and lines Two years ago_ Moved from my town_ I was looking up_ Past the city lights_ But the city lights got in my way (CHORUS) (For this verse, there is no guitar, the base is playing F and G in the same rythm as the chords in the other verses) I found my mind_ On the ground below_ I was looking up_ It was looking back_ I was in the sky all dressed in black (CHORUS:Which is extended with...) G D C - F Just a guy made of dots_ and_ lines_ (Some improv here, then play the riff over this) Can you hear what I see in the sky? At the end, there's something going on with a G chord. Some bending and stuff. listen to the song and play with it.
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