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Date: Oct. 10, 2001

The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonite)
by They Might Be Giants
Transcribed by Steven C. Klinksiek

This is what "The Guitar (The Lion Sleep Tonite)" by They Might Be Giants sounds
to my ears. I always hear an upper part in the main guitar riff and have only seen
TMBG in concert once. I was too busy keeping my lunch down when Flans leaned over
the and gestured me to stum his guitar strings with the pick he gave me during The
Guitar. This is my all time favorite song because of that. Plus it's a kickin' song
to dance to, wake up to and otherwise amuse your friends with.

=This tab, like most tab, is not perfectly what TMBG plays, just what I hear.=

Opening bass note

Bass Riff
Main riff chords A(7) C#m Bm(7) E
"Lion Sleeps Tonite" riff chords A A/D A E
Horn riff near end
Bari Sax riff
And the song ends on the traditional A chord
Hope you enjoyed. Comments corrections or whatever -->
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