They Might Be Giants – Rest Awhile tab

Artist: They Might Be Giants
Song: Rest Awhile 
Album: They Got Lost (Ep)

I think these chords are right i know the names are right.
but i'm not shure if that's how an A7 is played or a F#sus4

F#     244xxx
F#sus4 2444xx 
B      x244xx
A7     002020
E      022xxx
G      355xxx
D      xxx232
Db9    x00242
Ebmaj7 xx0343

Intro: D

Verse 1:D G Em F#sus4 - F#B E G A7
D                 G
I got rid of my jackets and coats
    F#sus4              F#
I threw out all of my pants
B                  E    
I got sick of my stinking clothes
   G                 A7
I had to get rid of them
     D                    G
I'm not yet considering replacing them
     Em             F#sus4
I'm only glad to be rid of them

D           Db9
and rest a while
Ebmaj7   D
Rest a while

Verse 2: ( No Guitar )
I lay out in the sun too long
and burned off all of my skin
I felt so dizzy, I got into the car
and got into an accident
Out of the burning wreckage I fell
wanting only to lay there I fell

and Rest a while
Rest a while

Bridge:     G Ab (3x) G A (1x)
Rest a while

Verse 3:
I became friendly with Ruy Lopez
the author of works on chess
Ruy said you're incorrect
he cut me off and acted mad
He won't even talk to me now
but I don't care cos I'm sick of that guy
and I need to 

D        Db9
Rest a while
D        Db9
Rest a while
D        Db9
Rest a while
D        Db9
Rest a while
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