They Might Be Giants – Thunderbird tab

Artist: They Might Be Giants
Song: Thunderbird
Album:  The Spine

Intro/Pre Chorus:
  D      C/E     D/F#      C/E    D
I know I know I said that I would quit.
  C       D       C/E      D/F#      G       Am7
Alright I promise no more after this.
    C                D        C/E                D/F#
You don't know how I tried to forget what it was like.

      G    C         Em    A
I remember now, I remember now. 
         B      C  G/D D  Em       C
Why they called it Thunderbird. 
         G      Em C   D  G     D
Why they called it Thunderbird.  

Verse 1:
 G      Em      C         D
Man oh man, my throat is dry.
G       Em      C         Am
Man are you thinking what I 
  C      Am    Am/F#   D
Am? Well what about it then?
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