They Might Be Giants - Word Are Like tab

Artist: They Might Be Giants
Song: Words Are Like
Album: They Got Lost

G# Bbm C# D# E---------------| B-----2--4--6---| G--4--3--6--8---| D--6--3--6--8---| A--6--1--4--6---| E--4------------|
Verse 1: G# Words are like Bbm The middle class C# A drinking glass G# A mask G# Words are like Bbm A Spanish town C# A wedding gown G# A crown Chorus 1: D# Words are like D# A happy dream D# A racing team D# A wooden beam C# G# A seam Verse 2: Words are like A rusty nail A minor scale A snail Words are like A postcard stamp A highway ramp A cramp Chorus 2+3: Words are like Kaleidoscopes The taste of soap A billy goat A coat Words are like A teenage star A prison guard A faded scar A car
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