They Might Be Giants - Another First Kiss tab

Intro: A-D-A-D

Verse One:
C    G               F       G
I'm asleep but she's talking to me
C              G             F          G
She's walking 'round wearing all of my clothes
C      G           F         G
As she runs out of things to say
C            G       F     G
And grabs my coat to walk awaaaay

F          G        C        Em
How bout another first kiss, she says
F          G        C        Em
How bout another first kiss, I said
F         G     Am        D
I want another first kiss like this
F          G        C         Em
How bout another first kiss.

Bridge:(A and D)---6-8-6-13-10-8-6---6-8-6-15-10-8-6-------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse Two: C G F G Other people were too sentimental C G F G Always worrying about their hair C G F G Got tired of wasting all my time C G F G Now Im not worrying at all (Chorus)
Solo: (A and D)-6-8-6-13-10-8-6--6-8-6-15-10-8-6--6-8-6-13-10-8-6-6-5-3-5-6-5-3-1-|-------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse Three: C G F G You could tell me we belong together C G F G And I could tell you belong with me C G F G But we've run out of things to say C G F G And well be happy anyway, so.. (Chorus twice)End on C in the last line of second chorus.
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