Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde tab

Song: Lebanese Blonde
Group: Thievery Corporation
Album: The Mirror Conspiracy (bollocks to the Garden State sndtrk)
Tabbed by: Matt Whiteman

Pay no heed to the lyrics to this song that you will find on Google - whoever
transcribed those must have been deaf or retarded or both.  Here are the real
lyrics, with the tab for the synthesizer at the beginning and the chords. You
could do the bulk of the melody on the G and the D strings instead of going
lower (you'll see what I mean when you listen to it), but I think it sounds
more like the synth using only the G string.  It's not perfect, but it works.

Standard Tuning

(repeat 4X; beat enters on number 3. The notes in brackets are very soft, and
probably a different synth track, play 'em if you want, don't if you don't)

Ame-----(5)-------------------------------(5)---------------------(5)----(5)--|B------------(10)-----(10)-------------(5)-----------(10)------(5)----------|G--2----9h12-9-7-7h9-7-4-5-5h7-5-4-5-2------(7h)9-7---4/5vvv----4-5/-2---|D---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-0--(let ring)------------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Then just the end again oncee------------------------(5)----|B-------------------------------|G--2--(7h)9-7-4/5vvv--4-5/-2---|D-------------------------------|A--0--(let ring)----------------|E-------------------------------|
Pre-chorus: repeat 4X
Chorus Am Dm Too low to find my way Am C Am Too high to wonder why Am Dm I've touched this place before Am C Am Somewhere in another time Am Dm Now I can hear the sun Am C Am The clouds drifting through the blinds Am Dm A half a million thoughts Am C Am Are flowing through my mind The next part sounds like this (but probably isn't) Let all notes ring, repeat 2X
Then I prefer to do lower chords (repeat this section twice)
Am Am Dm Am Am Dm Em Ame--5---0--1---0-1-3-5---0--1--0---0---|B--5---1--3--3------5---2--3--0-1-1---|D--7---2--2---------7---0--2--0---2---|E--5---2--0---------5---1--0--2---2---|G--5---0--x---------7---2--x--2---0---|A--7---x--x---------5---x--x--0---x---|
Verse - Just play soft A chords here and let the bass do the work A satellite recalled your voice Sent me round the world again All the night you've dreamt away Sent me round my heart again One touch upon my lips And all my thoughts are clear I feel your smoky mist Up to the stratosphere Chorus X2 - Lyrics with Synthesized Trumpet blaring, let last chord ring.
The rest is just various repetitions of what's here. Due to the fact that there are too many layers, tabbing every note would be impossible. Guitars don't work that way. Deal with it.
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