Thin Lizzy – Hollywood tab


Depending on how you want to play this, it can be in drop-D (see other tab) or Standard
or like how i think Lizzy played all their songs to suit Phil's voice, in Eb tuning.

This is just a quick idea of the song put to paper, remember it’s easiest if you try and
to work songs out yourself. It will make you a better player!  Ive tried to arrange
as best as possible for one guitar.

Dedicated to Rosalie, oh won’t you clap your hands for me!

You will need: Les Paul and a Marshall!

Any questions email me at

Intro is the bass playing open E(Eb)Eb|---------------|----------------| |----------------|Bb|---------------|----------------| |----------------|Gb|---------------|----------------| |----------------|Db|---------------|----------2-2-4-| then |-2--4--6--4--2--|Ab|-2-2-4--x-x-x--|-2--2-4---0-0-2-| |-0--2--4--2--0--|Eb|-0-0-2--x-x-x--|-0--0-2---------| |----------------|
Verse is the above, then the part that leads into the chorus
Bridge into Solo|------------------|----------------||------------------|----------------||------------------|----------------||-4-4-4-4----------|-6-8---10-8--6--||-2-2-2-2----------|-4-6---8--6--4--|
Then Quick Solo over this, will tab full one later, but just improvise, it’s easy.
Two guitars in harmony (oh yes)|---------------------------| Then it goes back into a verse and|---------------------------| quite a few choruses to finish!|---6-5--/8---5-------------| Rock on people!|---------------8--6---2-4-6||---------------------------||---------------------------|
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