Thin Lizzy – Dublin chords

Thin Lizzy - Dublin
Album: Thin Lizzy (1971)
Written by Phil Lynott

Transcribed by Jon Malmin (
Tuning: Standard E
The whole song is just these chords fingerpicked on an acoustic. 
Simple and very beautiful...

Intro: Am Bm G Am x3

EAfter our affair
F#m I swore
AThat I'd leave Dublin
Cmaj7/GAnd in that line I'd left behind
The years, the tears, the memories
AAnd you, in Dublin
EAt the quays
F#mFriends come
ATo say farewell
Cmaj7/GWe'd laugh and joke and smoke
And later on the boat
AI'd cry over you
Dsus2 - AHow can I
BmLeave the town that brings me down
That has no jobs
Bm/AIs blessed by God
And makes me cry
Am Bm G Am x3
EAnd at sea
F#mWith flowing hair
AI'd think of Dublin
Cmaj7/GOf Grafton Street and Derby Square
And those of whom I care
AAnd you, in Dublin
Cmaj7/GAnd you, in Dublin
[Ends with a gently finger-picked E major]
Cmaj7/G: 3-3-2-0-0-x
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