Thin Lizzy - With Love tab

With Love Thin Lizzy

Intro D,BM,A,BM,x2 D,BM,D,A

BM             Em        A                       D
It's a tedious existence laying your love on the line
BM            Em              A            D
Resistance is useless she can leave at any time
BM         Em            A                           D
I must confess that in my quest I felt depressed and restless
BM        Em               A                     F#m
But this Casanova's roving days are over more or less

BM         Em    F#m G
With  With Love
    D        BM    A           BM
She broke my heart and made me sad
D          BM   D                 A
You foolish boy you lost what you had

Solo Bm,Em,F#m,G Till End of solo

Then The Same Again An d The Riff That They Do Is

Then Play Over This To Double It
And That's It Really By KPL
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