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Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 09:06:34 -0800
From: (Judith L Kinney )
Subject: TAB: Criminal Divinity by Things Fall Apart

"Criminal Divinity" by THINGS FALL APART
Transcribed by: Aaron Kinney & Janis Klavins

(done with LOTS of distortion and a wah-wah pedal)

Here are the riffs for Guitar One: G1/A || C# A E B || This is done with 4 beats on each note and a few holds. During the intro both Guitars do this. G1/B C# C C# A Aflat A E F# B E B Strum this quickly twice after the chorus then palm-mute it fast as hell four times during the verse. G2/A || C# E B A || This is played by the second guitar the same way that G1/A is done. It's only for the chorus. And here's the... er... solo.
E------------------------------------17--/--19--/--( )--|B-------------------------14--/--17---------------------|G--4--/--9--/--14--\--13-------------14--/--16--/--( )--|D-------------------------11--/--14---------------------|A--6--/--7--/--12--\--11--------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------|
The structure GOES: Intro G1/A + G1/A (both Guitars, play twice) G1/B G1/A + G2/A = CHORUS G1/B CHORUS G1/A + Solo G1/B CHORUS x2 ..let fade for 8 beats... CHORUS... do this four times... Hold for 16 beats... ***TRIPLE SPEED*** G1/B CHORUS x2 * E's on G1 are played: * B's on G1 are played: G| 9 D| 9 D| 9 A| 9 A| 7 E| 7 E| 7 * E's on G2 are played: * B's on G2 are played: G| 0 G| 4 D| 2 D| 4 A| 2 A| 2 E| 0 E| 2 * F# on G1 is played: G| 11 D| 11 A| 9 E| 9
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