Things In Herds - Always Disappear tab

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by Things In Herds
Tabbed by Jim Bauer (

Notes: Found these guys on in alternative/indie. Not a bad group.
They sound something like Coldplay. This is one of their better songs.

B         A          G#m            G     F#
Too late, turn away, the rest of us moved on
B       A        G#m       G  F# E
Insane, angular, in a rut, on in rows, there?s no way I?m

E   B  G#m     F#      E  B G#m
Not so fast, I need to be a-lone
  F#         E  B         G#m    F#    E
I can?t help feeling it?s almost in my reach
B           G#m    F#   B      B  B/A  B  B/A  B  B/A  B  B/A
And then it always disappears         (to coda last run)

B        A             G#m                 G   F#
To stay, is dangerous, you?re filled up on excuses
B       A        G#m        G  F# E
Insane, angular, in a rut, on in rows, there?s no way I?m

:| chorus to solo  B  F#  G#m  E (x3) B  F# A (x1)

bridge: (bass notes only)
B         A          G#m        G    F# E    (end bass notes)
Too late, turn away, rest of us move on air, there?s no way I?m

:| chorus (x1)

   G#m    F#   B     B/A     G#m    F#   B     B/A
It always disappears      It always disappears       :| END ON B

This is played during the chorus and through the coda.

GTR.2 (SOLO) I essentially play this, repeating as neccessary for the first part of the solo, then I go to riff 2 for the A chord.
GTR.2 riff2
That should at least put you in the ballpark. :)
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