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Blackbird By Third Day
Author: Mac Powell
Copyright: 1995 Class Reunion Music/Little Man Big Man Music/gray dot
songs, a division of gray dot, inc. (ASCAP) the song...

Verse 1
Black bird, why you wearin' that frown?
                     A                  A/G
Well, don't ya know Jesus loves you and me

and the preacher on TV your puttin' down?
Blackbird, how I love to hear your songs.
                     A                  A/G
Well, I could spend all my time in the shade of a tree

And listen all day long.

Whoa yeahA-G-E
I could listenA-G-E
All day longA-G-E
Chorus G D Whoa but your ever hearing, never understanding, A E Yea I see you're not percieving and your heart has grown calloused G D You're in a storm and lost your way, A Won't you fly to heaven and be saved today. Verse 2 E Blackbird, now you've broken your wings. A You try to fly high, but you know that A/G You can't go anywhere, you can't do anything. E Blackbird, who put you in your cage? A Tell me was it God or was it you A/G Or was it me, well I guess it don't matter anyway. A-G-E
Whoa no noA-G-E
It don't matterA-G-E
No no anywayA-G-E
Chorus E-A
Whoa yeahE-A E-A Blackbird
Guitar Solo (I'm sorry...I don't know this!) A-G-E X5 GA
You say you need a rememdy, For the thorn in your pride A I think it's such a tragedy A G E That you left Him behind! You say you light your candle But your love light doesn't shine. A You say you talk to angels A G E Well, I say that's such a lie. A-G-E
Yes it is nowA-G-E A-G-E A-G-E such a lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.
Chorus E-A
Whoa yeahE-A E-A Blackbird
If anyone knows the guitar solo, I am very interested in knowing what it is. But I am still a young musician, so I'm not really good at figuring that kind of stuff out. Well, God Bless!
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