Third Day - Jesus Light Of The World chords version 1

 "Jesus Light Of The World"  

 capo 3rd fret

G    D   Em7     C9     D

Verse 1
G D Em7 C9 DThe most beautiful night of the year
C9 DAll the stars light up the sky
G D C D And the city is sparkling with silver and gold
Em7 DFrom a million points of light
Em7 D A re - flection of something thatís deeper within
Em7 DThan just a flicker of something more
G D Jesus, light of the world
Em7 C9 DShine through the darkness bright as the day
G DJesus, light of the world
Em7 C9 D GShine in our hearts and show us the Way tonight.
Verse 2
G D Em7 C9 DWho is this child in the manger
C9 DKings bow down and angels sing
G D C D The Lord of the universe has come here to save us
Em7 D A precious offer - ing
Em7 D All the heaven above and the earth below
Em7 DAre filled with the light of Your love
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