Third Day - Children Of God chords version 4

                                                               Capo 3

Bm DPraise to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
AOur God and our King to him we will sing
Bm DIn his great mercy he has given us life
Anow we can be called the children of God
G D AGreat is the love that the father has given us
G He has delivered us
D AHe has delivered us
G D Bm AChildren of God sing your songs and rejoice
G D A (Asus-A) For the Love that he has given us all oh oh
G D Bm AChildren of God by the blood of his Son
G D Awe have been redeemed and we can be called
G D A children of God
G D Achildren of God
G D We are the saints we are the children
A Bmwe've been redeemed we've been forgiven
G D Awe are the sons and daughters of our God
__________________________________________________ *My Source for the Chords is the following youtube Video Of Third Day in Concert
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