Third Day – When Love Sees You chords

if you can make it simpler please do.

intro: Eb6/9, Eb2, Abmaj7, Cm7, Abmaj7

Eb6/9Blessed are you, as you weep on your knees
Abmaj7 With perfume and tears washing over My feet
Cm7Blessed are you, beggar, hopeless and blind
Abmaj7Calling for mercy when I'm passing by
Blessed are you, shaking your head
Cm7 Abmaj7At two tiny fish and some bread
Eb6/9Blessed are you as you tremble and wait
Abmaj7 Ab2For the first stone thrown at your sinful disgrace
Bb Cm7 Ab2(no3) Tell me your story
Eb Eb2(no3) Show me your wounds
Eb Bb Cm7 Ab2(no3)And I'll show you what Love sees
Eb Eb2(no3)When Love looks at you
Eb Cm7 Bb(add4)Hand me the pieces
Ab2(no3)Broken and bruised
Eb/G Bb Cm7 Ab2(no3)And I'll show you what Love sees
Eb Eb2 When Love sees you
[2nd time go to bridge.} instrumentals: Eb/bb, Abmaj7, Ab, Ab6, Ab, Ab6/C, Eb, Eb2, Eb/Bb, Abmaj7, Ab , Ab6, Ab2(no3), verse:
Eb6/9 Blessed are you, walking on waves
Abmaj7To find yourself sinking when you look away
Cm7Blessed are you, leper, standing alone
Eb2/BbThe fear on their faces, is all that you've known
Ab2(n03)Blessed are you, lonely widow who gave
Eb Cm7 Ab2(no3)Your last shiny coin to Yahweh
Eb6/9Blessed are you with your silver and lies
Abmaj7 Ab2(no3)Kissing the One who's saving your life
[Return to CHORUS] Bridge:
Abmaj7I see what I made
In your mother's womb Bbsus I see the day I fell in love with you.
Cm7I see your tomorrows
Nothing left to chance
EbI see My Father's fingerprints
AbI see your story, I see My name
Cm7Written on every beautiful page
EbYou see the struggle
You see the shame
Bb/D Gm7 AbI see the reason I came
Bb CmI came for your story
Ab2(no3) Eb I came for your wounds
Bb CmTo show you what Love sees
Ab2(no3) Eb Eb2 When I see you
instrumentals: Eb/Bb, Abmaj7, Ab, Ab6, Ab , Ab6 , Eb, Eb2,
Eb/Bb Abmaj7 Ab, Ab6, Abmaj7Yeah, yeah
Ab Eb Eb/G Ab2when i see love
Eb Eb/G, Ab2When i see love
Cm7 Ab2(no3) Eb69Oh oh
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