Third Day – Gomers Theme tab

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Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 14:48:04 -0400
From: Jeff Townsend 
Subject: t/third_day/gomers_theme.crd

Song title: Gomer's Theme
Artist: Third Day
Submitter:  Casey Townsend
>From the album: "Conspiracy no.5"  by Third Day
Copyright 1997 on Reunion Records

In this place, saw her face,
He was more than happier,
Made for Him, it's a sin,
That she was not faithful,
She couldn't be, foolishly,
E7				E
More unfaithful if she tried
He did not care wanted her

Despite her lies and wandering eyes
G#5         A5             E5
      He deserves the very best
G#5            A5                E5
	But He loves her none the less
E           C              Am
She's forgotten her first love
E           C              Am
He's forgotten that she ever went away and broke His heart.

Am                          Em               C             Am
God only knows that He has shown, her more love than she deserves
                 Em                C
There'll come a time, when she'll find,
               Am                Am                Am
That He's not there to give her love and He'll be gone away from her
      Em (leads into 1st verse)
(repeat first verse chords with no words, then go directly
to chorus and play the chorus through twice.)
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