Third Day - You Are Mine tab

Third Day - Wire - "You Are Mine"

This is my favorite Third Day song.  I heard it for the first time on a mission trip and 
determined to pick it out.  So here you go.  Picking is so close to right it's scary.  

broken capo 2 (place capo so only covers top 5 strings leaving open low e)
Refer to chords at bottom for help on fingerings

relative to capo (open on low E not rel to capo)INTRO|---------0------2-------2p0---------------------------------||-3------------------------------0-------2-----3-------2-----||-----2-----2---------2-----2p0------0-----0-------0-----0---||---0---------0-----0--------------2---------2---2---------2-||--------------------------------0-----0-------0-----0-------||-0-----0--------0-------------------------------------------|
N.C. E It doesnít take much Bsus For my heart to break D2 And you have done it D2/C# E For what seems the millionth time E Whenever I hear Bsus Of your saving grace D2 And how you gave your life D2/C# E In exchange for mine N.C. Bsus E Sometimes I wonder why you even love me Bsus A And why you ever chose to call me child E Then I remember Bsus Itís by your sacrifice D2 That I can say that D2/C# E I am yours and you are mine It doesnít take much For me to shed a tear And you have done so many things To make me cry Whenever I think Of all that Iíve done wrong And everything that you have done To make it right It doesnít take much For my heart to break And you have done it For whatís seems the millionth time (INTRO LICK TO FINSIH SONG, STRUM E CHORD) CHORDS E 000232 (open D shape) Bsus x02230 (open Asus Shape) D2 x32020 (open C2 shape D2/C# x22020 A 520033 (open G shape)
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