Third Day - Keep On Shinin Verse tab

Back again! OK...figured out the verse and the chorus...the verse is just chords (at 
that's all I got) but the chorus is SO cool and SO easy! YES!!! :P ready? here's the verse:

Am Dm G C GE----5------5-----3-----0-----x---------|B----5------6-----3-----1-----3---------|G----5------7-----4-----0-----0---------|D----7------7-----5-----2-----0---------|A----7------5-----5-----3-----2---------|E----5------5-----3-----0-----x---------|
play those chords in that progression. it sounds right to me...... k, now the chorus!
E---8-8-8-7-8-10-----13--13--1312\10-10-10---|B----8-8-8-8----8/10---10--10--10----8--8--8--| x2
well, I thought it was awesome! :P
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